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clickData.func.command.results with multiple commands
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What can I expect from the .results property?
I need to execute internal commands from a script individually and then evaluate the outcome before proceeding.
I write up a test script first and shock horror it does not do what I wanted/expected.
It would seem that I cannot tell from CmdResult = if there was a match and consequent renaming of one or more selected files.
I run the script with 2 regex expressions one that I know matches and changes the filename and one that I know does not match and the filename does not change.
But I get the same result of digit 1 returned from

My questions then are
Q1 What does .results give?
Q2 If I want such a detail (has a file rename command done anything) am I obliged to run my script from inside the OnGetNewName environment within the rename dialog?

Any replies much appreciated as always

Results (

Understood. That is just the integer 1.
Presumably that just means the command executed without any error.
No other info available?

Well, you get not one, not two, but three objects on top. For free! That is not nothing!

Haha @Ixp I presume you mean the other 3 properties of the .Results object.
Not much use to me in this context.
Question - Is there anything stopping me developing a script within the Rename dialog with OnGetNewName to do stuff other than rename?
My script does 2 sequential renames then moves the file(s) to another folder.
I am assumming OnGetNewName will give me better feedback on the out come of a rename action.
It will also give me a result on a per file basis which I had not considered when I started this post.
But what about moving a file as well?
I guess I can try and find out :slight_smile:

No. You can conquer the world from the insides of an rename script :+1:

Absolutely. Keep us posted about your progress. I'll get the popcorn in the meantime :sunglasses: