Clicking on .png invokes version 12 instead of 13.2

I just upgraded my V 12 to V 13.2.

When I clicked on a .png attachment in Outlook I received an alert (see screen shot below) to shut down V13 before starting V12.

It seems that V 13.2 installation did not take over the default handling of .png files.

I'm running Windows 10 Pro.


That alert talks about SnagIt, not Opus.

See the FAQs if you want Opus to open PNG files in its viewer, but the message you’re seeing isn’t coming from Opus 12 or 13, it’s from SnagIt.

OMG!! I must have been brain dead (or on mental cruise control!). I had just upgraded to new Opus and mentally just connected the alert to that.

My apologies.