Clickmclick event?

Lo all,

I was wondering.. Wanting to try out creating some custom commands and buttons, and I came across the Events list which are possible for a filetype...
I can't seem to find anything that remotely resembles the good ol' clickmclick on the Amiga DOpus ?
I mean, if you have, e.g., an archive file in the source window, click and quickly click on the destination window to extract the contents of the archive file on the dest window (thus the dest directory)...

Or am I missing something ?

with kind regards,


That's what drag & drop is for. :slight_smile:

hmm, but drag&drop isn't really clickmclick, is it ?
I hate drag&drop :stuck_out_tongue:

Drag and drop is the same as 'clickmclick' except you just keep the mouse button held down while you move it. You could even use the ClickLock option in the Mouse control panel to save having to do this.

Think of it as 'holdmrelease' if it makes it easier for you.

'clickmclick' was fine on the Amiga circa 1992 but we have moved on a bit since then.

For those who missed out on the Opus 4 experience on the Amiga, 'clickmclick' was equivalent to drag and drop today, except you had to click on the file and then click again on the destination, within the standard double-click time. Why use this strange system? Well we didn't know about 'drag and drop' in those days. If we did, we would have used it :slight_smile: