Clipboard copy specific EXIF data

In details view, when hovering over images, a preview shows up and - where applicable - some EXIF-data.

Is there a way to select the file and have a context menu item that allows me to simply clipboard copy (user-defined) selected fields, like date, time, shutterspeed, etc.


Do not want all - that's too much.

btw: Yes, I know I double click the file launching a photoviewer, and after some extra clicks copy all EXIF data , and then go into my clipboard manager, and remove all that I donot want, and clipboard copy the remaining . . .


When you hover over the file and the infotip appears, you can push Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C to copy the infotip text to the clipboard.

Ah! Thanks.

Oh, btw: I there a way to 'set' (somewhere in preferences or so) what EXIF-details are being displayed ?

E.g. in case of only one camera, or in the case of multiple cameras, but one knows which camera has been used, one may wish to skip camera make and camera model and/or have other details instead.

Am not sure if it is possible, as it may not be a part of the EXIF-data, but consider to have the filename listed and copied, thus avoiding possible mixup when multiple clipboard copies are made.

Just a suggestion.

Thanks again.

Yes, Settings -> File Types, expand File Type Groups, edit Images and it's on the Info Tip tab.

That's it indeed!

Really perfect...

Opus has sooo much features, one never gets to know them all!

Many thanks.