Clipboard COPYNAMES - possible to replace line ends?


I use the following command to copy the full file path, replace back slashes with forward slashes and the embed everything in double quotes.
Clipboard COPYNAMES=unc REGEXP (.*)\\(.*)# \1/\2 (.*) ""\1""

The only extra thing I want is that all names are put behind each other, in fact replacing the line end with a space.

So from this

"D:/Pictures/Icons SVG/Misc/shaper-1-ot.svg"
"D:/Pictures/Icons SVG/Misc/shaper-2-ot.svg"
"D:/Pictures/Icons SVG/Misc/shaper-3-ot.svg"

to this
"D:/Pictures/Icons SVG/Misc/shaper-1-ot.svg" "D:/Pictures/Icons SVG/Misc/shaper-2-ot.svg" "D:/Pictures/Icons SVG/Misc/shaper-3-ot.svg"

I can't get this to work. Possibly because the line ends are part of the COPYNAMES function. Is this true or is there a way to replace the line ends with spaces (or whatever character)?

Adding single (and not adding any extra quotes, as it adds them itself when needed) may be all you need:

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Thanks for the quick answer.
This single liner with included double quotes and a space as delimiter does almost all I need.
I still have to use part of the regex to replace the backward slashes by forward slashes.
Since I already had that regex, I have now all that I need.

PS: There is an option quote to add double quotes. It would be welcome if there was also an option for single quotes. (Could be called 'squote'.)
Also an option to replace backward slashes with forward slashes would be nice.

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