Clipboard: FileName without extension=FileFullName

Hello again,

want to copy to the clipboard

FileName without extension: Clipboard COPYNAMES=nopaths REGEXP "([^.]*)(.*)" "\1"
FileFullName: Clipboard COPYNAMES

with delimiter "=" between both parts (like keys/properties in INI-files). How can I to achieve that?

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So you want to replace the last dot in each filename with an equals sign?

Hello Leo,


e. g.

Many thanks and greetings

This should do that, as long as all files have extensions, and you always want just the last extension (e.g. .rar instead of .part01.rar):

Clipboard COPYNAMES REGEXP "^(.+\\)([^\\]+)(\.[^.\\]+)$" "\2=\1\2\3"

Keep in mind that = is a valid character in filenames, so your output format will be ambiguous sometimes.