Clipboard Paste ASK=as not working

Clipboard Paste ASK=as when using with a jpg on clipboard I got the dialog and quality was 85
I wanted to make a button that would set the quality to 100
Tried searching and adding Clipboard Paste ASK=as quality:100 it did not work
Now the right mouse Paste As just pastes the content of the clipboard
Have closed opus with File Exit and also rebooted

Forces image data on the clipboard to be pasted in JPEG format (overriding the Preferences default setting). You can optionally specify the JPEG image quality, as a value from 1 to 100.

Example: Clipboard PASTE=jpg:85

Clipboard PASTE


Thanks I was putting it at the end after AS=ask
Clipboard PASTE jpg:100 AS=ask works with images copied from wed sites
But if the jpg is copied from within opus it is just pasted.
When I was trying to change quality I was using images copied with Opus that is why it was not working as I was expecting.

Still no sure why Clipboard Paste ASK=as does not work the same for images copied from Desktop, File Explorer don't work but ones copied from web do

There’s a difference between having a file in the clipboard (which might happen to be a JPEG) and having image data in the clipboard.

You also wouldn’t want image files to be recompressed every time you copied them. :slight_smile: That would cause so many problems.

The image converter in Opus is probably a better tool for the job of recompressing image files. Another option is to set up a button or hotkey to load an image into the clipboard, which Opus can do as well.

Thank You
Makes sense