Close buttons for jobs bar and filter bar

The FAYT bar has got a close button, the jobs bar has only a little one and the filter toolbar has no close button. Can you add to these bars a close button with the same size of the FAYT bar, too?

I guess there's an argument that they should all be the same size; I'm not sure I'd like them to all be as big as the FAYT one though. What about if we make the FAYT one smaller?


Another point is, the filter bar already has a clear button, and the bar itself is designed to disappear automatically when there's no filter set. It doesn't really need a close button as well does it?

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Yes, you can make the FAYT one smaller like the Jobs bar close button. But be aware because the close buttons of the folder tree, file display border, viewer pane and metadata pane have the same size of close buttons like the FAYT bar.

No, that's not true. The FAYT bar has a close button and disappears after 5 seconds (FAYT close timeout: 5 seconds is the default setting).
The quick filter bar doesn't disappear automatically, only when you press ESC or klick on file display background or change the folder display etc.

While a filter is defined the filter bar is shown, and it disappears when the filter is cleared (which happens when you press escape). This is how it was designed.

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