Closing linked tabs in both left and right panes


I want to be able to close both the left and right pane linked tabs in dual mode when either is closed by the user. I have tried out this script from steje and it does exactly what I was after:

LinkedTab_AutoClose_Handler: Auto-close linked tabs

As this was written for a much earlier release of Dopus, can you please confirm that this add-in script is still required to close a pair of linked tabs or is there now a way of achieving it without the add-in script.

No reason it shouldn't still work, especially if it worked when you tried it. We try to avoid breaking existing scripts.

I'll reword his question:

Given the script's age, is there now a built-in way of accomplishing the same thing without using the script?

It's not built in, no. The script is still the way to go. AFAIK it has no downsides.

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