Cloud Storage Feature Request

Hi Folks,

From a quick search it looks like it's been a few years since this was mentioned, since then a lot more companies have moved further towards using cloud storage as a way of sharing and backing up files.

Could you please consider including native support for the popular Cloud Storage providers, including OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, and Dropbox. I have multiple accounts with the former 2 providers (work & multiple personal) so their default sync clients are pretty much useless for me. I use Syncovery to handle backing up between my PC's and the Cloud which works great for that requirement. Then I use "FX File Manager" on my Android Phone, and "File Browser" on my iPad to copy files back and forth. However, I haven't any decent software on the PC to move files from one place to another, in the end I'm finding it easier to copy files to the PC from the Cloud via my iPad software, effectively using the iPad as a middle man which seems a bit crazy considering I have this fantastic Dopus file manager.

Could you please consider adding native cloud storage support, perhaps as an add-on like SFTP to help offset the development costs etc?

Many Thanks


What do you mean by "native"? Opus can copy and move files in the folders I have on my PC. I run OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive. I have no issues there.

A non-DOpus solution:

  1. Download CarotDAV - portable version is OK
  2. Add your various cloud accounts to it
  3. Enable its DAV server
  4. Access like a normal drive



4wd, looks like an interesting tool, but doesn't work here. I can't find that "Setting and Tool" page in the settings (using the newest portable version). I also don't know, what to fill in under "URI skydrive:/[path]".

Where can i find that information for OneDrive?

Same problem with Dropbox. What is the "consumer key", or the "consumer secret"? It often the same problem with free tools like that. No documentation at all, so people can't get it to work.

Hi b-s-ger. By 'Native' I mean built in support for Dopus to directly access these services without needing 3rd party software, basically in the same way as the SFTP feature. For the most part I don't want Google Drive / One Drive syncing permanently in the background, I also want full control over which online files sync with my PC's (though I know you can exclude folders). The native clients also provide limited controls over when it syncs, often eating up my mifi data, and only allows connections to 1 account at a time. I also use Cloud Storage as an off site backup solution, if I get hit by ransomware I also don't want that software to be able to access and encrypt my off site backups as well as my local copy, this could happen if I'm using one of the native clients.

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Hi 4wd. Thanks for the suggestion, it looks interesting and may solve a few of the issues I have with the standard cloud storage applications. I've also just come across the paid application Mountain Duck which seems to do a similar job but a little more securely, so may also be an option. As per my reply to b-s-ger this doesn't solve all my issues but may work as a compromise, I'll just not use it with my offline backup accounts to ensure things like ransomware can't directly access my files.



Fill in a name for the connection, click Authorize, (if you only want access to a specific folder then add it's name to the path eg. onedrive:/a_folder/):

Click the link, log in to OneDrive, authorise CarotDAV access, copy the token generated back into the Code field in CarotDAV:

It's going to be similar for Google, Box, and DropBox.

CarotDAV doesn't have to run all the time, you can start it after your system has passed basic ransomware checks.

A proper versioning cloud backup solution will negate ransomware.

And having it integrated into DOpus doesn't stop you from inadvertently copying an encrypted file over a good file.

4wd, thanks, got it now. I also was using the wrong version. 1.8.5, instead 1.15.2, but now i could add both, OneDrive & Dropbox.

Yes, I personally want support for MEGA.NZ cloud storage support - having this either built-into
DOpus, or having some sort of Dopus add-on to do this would be very nice indeed

The plugin API is there if someone wants to do it.

Well thats fine is there are devs/programmers that are willing to do that.
Im not a dev or programmer myself
Apps on Android such as X-Plore file manager already do this
Im sure the devs of such apps would be willing to Help Directory Opus devs out in making this a reality.
Cloud Storage options like MEGA.NZ on android are already around, i cant see why they would not be currently supported on a powerful and yet commercial app such as DOpus

Ahh, but if you guys did it we'd love you even more! :kissing_heart:
Come on, if those carrot guys :carrot: can do it, you guys can do it, too.
Pretty pretty please?

Hi there!

I've recently upgraded to Pro and.. yes, being able to access at least GDrive as a remote folder with no extra hassle would be nice.

WinZip does it right out of the box with a ton a of cloud services.

Even Android apps, like X-plore do that, mounting "virtual drives" via a one-time access permission.

I'm a programmer, but in a different field and, well, I'd rather pay than program it by myself, since it's a much requested feature.

Since this is a request that users have been posting around for about 5 years and counting, could you please consider developing it, and adding it as an "extra" options for those interested? (in a similar fashion like you did for FTP?)

I'd gladly pay 10-15 extra USD for such an addition.

I exclusively use DOpus when accessing Google's Drive File Steam (well, except for Open and Save As dialogs). If you're using that, what are you lacking in DOpus functionality?

Check out ExpanDrive (paid), WebDrive (paid), or Cyberduck (free).

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I'm lacking browsing GDrive from inside the file pane, being able to upload files and directories straight to GDrive when I don't have such folders synced locally, and ultimately be able to manage my remote drive as I would do on my PC.

I understand it requires extra effort, yet, I purchased DOpus pro to avoid using other third party products.

In the meantime, I will use WinZip, since it now has full any-cloud file handling straight in its browser (and GPU acceleration for compressing files. No, I haven't been paid by WinZip :stuck_out_tongue: ), but it is far from being an ideal solution :confused:

Yes, that'd be a neat feature. Very helpful when Opus is used from a thumb drive. Or when Dropbox' maximum installation count has been reached.

Bonus: Google has an API for Google Photos - accessing/managing my pictures there via Opus instead of a web client would be truly awesome.

There's a plugin API if someone wants to make it happen :slight_smile:

I thought about this, but wanting and having the needed tech skills are two different things :smiley:

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