CMD Here Completion Character

I've used this context menu action for folders for years ("C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe" /f:on /s /k pushd "%1"). It works fine, but doesn't honor the CompletionChar key, with a value for the tab key in the registry under HKCU & HKLM \Software\Microsoft\Command Processor. Anyone have any ideas? The default control-D works fine.

Tab is the default isn't it? Always has been as far as I know.

Apologies for posting this in Opus support--I thought it was an Opus issue since it worked outside of Opus. I was causing the issue by invoking the /f parameter. Mystery solved. If you use the /f switch to turn on command completion, Crtl-F is used for file name completion and Ctrl-D is used for directory completion. If you enable it in the registry and change it to hex 09 instead of the default 40 the tab key works.

Interesting! You learn something new every day :slight_smile: