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Cmd to toggle between age and ext

What's the command to toggle between age script and ext

Age script? Which script do you mean?

Toggle what? Visible columns?

Do you want to toggle between two different columns?

Toggle files between age script by chuck and extension column

This will toggle between the two, putting them in the 2nd column (position 1, counting from 0):

Set COLUMNSADD="scp:Column.Generic: Age/TimeSinceModified(1)"
Set COLUMNSREMOVE="scp:Column.Generic: Age/TimeSinceModified"

It's not working as i wish,I want to use the same columns,without changing it's position and toggle files ascend by age and ext

That's more complicated, since you have to work out where the old column was and specify the same position for the new (completely unrelated) column.

It's possible using scripting, though. And example script which does it can be found in the default toolbars under Edit > Toggle Size Format.

write the cmd again

No. If you keep demanding we do every little thing for you in such a rude way, on top of your history of rudeness and outright abuse, your account will be blocked.

This is your last warning.


I've already asked forgiveness for that,still why do u keep saying rude.And for others u have given many replies for all their questions.

Demanding that we write commands for you is rude. We aren't your servants. Free tech support is one thing, but we aren't here to customise the program to your every whim.

2 Likes rude.

"Hey @Jon or @Leo, could you please help me write the script? I understand how to do 'x', but don't understand 'y', and I'd really appreciate your help." not rude.