Code editor has problem with unicode characters (surrogate pairs)

Using evaluator code editor in evaluator groups, no trouble pasting a unicode character and no trouble displaying it, but when it comes to selecting and deleting unicode characters it is treating them as 2 characters instead of one and can produce strange results (when deleting a unicode character it deletes from the editor but if you don't delete twice it leaves an invisible portion behind)

Every character is a unicode character. :slight_smile:

Which characters does it have problems with?

try these
:file_folder: (U+1F4C1)
:file_cabinet: (U+1F5C4)

Looks like the editor doesn't currently support surrogate pairs.

pixel perfect alignment is something you are probably familiar with,
tried this evaluator group with every monotype font installed with the same results,
is this something you can fix ?

(the numbers in brackets should all be perfectly aligned)