'Collapse Groups' Context Menu in 'Power' Mode?

Is there a specific setting to add the various 'Collapse Groups' right-click context menu options of a grouped lister in 'Power' mode? I've looked at the Power Mode mouse button settings but no matter which option I choose, I don't see the Collapse Group options.

In all other lister modes, the options are there (except 'List' mode where the options are present but greyed out) but the files in the group are also selected when I right-click the group header.

I've searched the forum and filtered preferences for 'group' but nothing suggests where the issue (if indeed there is an issue) lies.

Or is it the case that the Collapse Group menu items are not available in Power Mode?

Any thoughts?

Confirmed, the group menu items aren't currently available in Power Mode.

This will be fixed in the next beta update.