Collapse non-selected branches and Unless open in other tabs

I try to understand this new option "Unless open in other tabs".
I have 3 tabs open, folder tree of 1st tab is expand.
I click 2nd tab, only 2nd tab folder is expand. Strange :frowning:
I click 3rd tab, all tabs folders are expand.
I click 1st tab again, only 1st tab folder is expand.

I miss something ?

I notice that check/uncheck option and apply this option in settings, change nothing until add another tab or open new Lister.

Note that when folder is collapse, highlight line should be end behind + icon.

Same thing with
When option disable, tree is collapse when changing tab :frowning:

I make some test today. 1st in XP and 2nd in Win7.
I open 3 tabs and browse between these tabs, It's not the same behavior.
In Win7, it's ok, branches are expand/collapse. In XP, look this video ... 153007.wmv

Highlight line glitch is fixed in

And I found the culprit for the strange behavior, option "Preserve folder tree expansion when switching tabs" was enable.