Collect and Move Photos to a new consolidated network storage drive

Hi: I've found the following task to be almost impossible, but it looks like D-Opus might be a solution. But I'm not sure... What I would like to do is as follows:

  1. Search a directory and all sub-directories for photo / video files
  2. move them to a new location and based on the meta data in the file, put them in a day-month-year directory.

And the key is to move, not copy... Is that possible with this tool?

Thanks for any advice!

Absolutely. In any way you can think of.

I'm not seeing how to do it... I seem to be able to search out the files based on *.jpg, but really want to be able to tell it to find all photos. There is a "Move" menu item, but no option to create the subdirectories based on the meta data file date.

If this tool has some kind of scripting to do this, it may be a little over my head, but not seeing any manual/direction on it...

To get all images use Find


To move images use the Advanced Renamer:

Parameters for the Advanced Renamer
Mode: Standard Wildcard Rename
Old name: *
New name: f:\TheNewLocation\{datetaken|D#dd-MM-yyyy}\*
Ignore extension: checked
Automatically rename if new filename exists: checked

Getting the date from {datetaken} is a good start, however, the older the pictures are, the more likely this info is buried somewhere else.


This did the trick! Time to convert my free trial to a pro! Thanks for the tips!