Collections Import-Export code with subfolders

Hello, I have some collections that have sub-folders inside. After migrating from win7 to 10 the drive letter has changed. In the past I used a script to export collection to a text file , then change the directory letter and re-import. However this works only when a collection does not include sub-folders.
Is there a script that will export collection structure along with sub-folders and their items?
Thank you

The script I have is this:


"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe"/col export /utf8 "Psy books" L:\My Documents\ PREFS\DirOpus\COLLECTIONS\Psy books.txt


"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe"/col import /utf8 "Psy books" L:\My Documents\ PREFS\DirOpus\COLLECTIONS\Psy books.txt

I found a solution. Used the top collection folder along with the sub-folder path in the script
coll://Gallery/GRAPHIC DESIGN and exported to a txt with the subfolder name only.

Another way would be to edit the collections config files directly. We don't normally recommend this, as it's easy to corrupt the data with a bad edit, but if you're replacing X:\ with Y:\ then it's hard to go wrong, and a quick way to batch edit the paths.

The files can be found in /dopusdata/Collections and are in XML format (assuming the option to compress collections is turned off; it's off by default).

Be sure to fully exiting Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus) before editing any of them, or your changes could get overwritten by cached data that was already in memory.

Thank you! You mean I can edit the .col files? The ones in the root directory or the ones with the folders?
Best suggested XML editor?

Just use a normal text editor.

Notepad shows some garbled text I cant make sense of from the col files.
I just looked in the prefs and compress collections is set to True. Do I turn it to False?

Yes, you'll want that turned off