Color files by svn status

Just a short question: I would like to have "SVN unversioned" files marked in red color (I have enabled "SVN status" column). Is it possible?

No, not currently.

Do the SVN icon overlays not work for you, or do you just want a bigger indication?

Unversioned files have no SVN icon overlay (using Tortoise SVN) and it sometimes happens I forget to add (and then commit) files. It would be great if we could define colors (labels) based on column property value.

Please see image:

If performance is concern, it could be implemented for Column property value label to be active only if corresponding column is visible.
This feature is very important for me, file manager I used before I switched to Dopus had this implemented and this is the only thing I'm missing :frowning:

With TSVN, if you use the Commit command (or the Check For Modifications command) from a directory above where the files are, it will show you all the non-versioned files automatically.

That's how I catch them myself.

Yeah I know, but there are other unimportant non-versioned files such as files in bin folder that get generated etc. and it's not practical to mark them (ignore) all the time so they clutter the non-versioned list.

If it's always the same paths + names (not randomly generated names) that you want to ignore, you can put them into a change list within the TSVN dialogs so they are grouped separately to all the other files and don't get in the way of new non-versioned files, if that helps.

You can also group by the SVN Status column in Opus (since a few versions ago), as another way to make it easy to see which files are/aren't non-versioned.

As for color-coding them, I'll add that to our request list but I don't know how easy it is as I'm not familiar with that code.

Yes there are some randomly generated files (often changing name & content between debug runs). But that's not problem, I really want the described feature and I believe it could be very easily implemented (judging from related file color coding features that are already implemented in Opus).

Ok Leo thanks for customer support! :slight_smile:

Any news on this feature? Is it planned? Will it be implemented in Opus 10?

It's not planned for the very near future. Beyond that, I don't know.

Thank you guys for implementing this feature. I can now use label filter with Shell column to achieve this result (tested, works flawlessly).
Opus is now more powerful than ever :thumbsup: