Color(s) for selected folders with a dark theme

I am visually impaired so use a dark theme downloaded from the forum (thank you to the creators). Am using the 30-day trial on Win11Pro

Found out that when I have folders with many files open and I try to select a single sub-folder or many to move or copy or compress to zip/rar --- I can not see what I have selected.

Ok, should be no problem, I open Settings, Display, Color and Fonts -- or so I thought, as I can not figure out how to change the darkness (blue shade on black) to something that would make it stand out.

Here is what I mean. 6 folders selected on the right side panel.

Make sure Preferences / Display / Options / Visual styles override file selection colors is turned off when using dark colors, since the visual styles which are part of Windows are designed for light colors.

Your forum account is 4 months old...

It made absolutely no difference.

Same 6 folders selected but I can not see them.

Images 2 and 3

Please link your account.

As this is a new portable I do not have any registration code to link

You've been using Opus for at least 4 months. The free trial and free support are not infinite. We will help when/if you purchase Opus.

Figured it out.

FWIW, in hospital for several months. As if you care, I know it does not matter, rules are rules.