Colored tabs by path pattern

Hi folks,

the colored tabs feature was introduced quite some time ago, for me it wasn't so useful as described here (DO12 - Tabs color) and I'd like to come back and ask if we could work on this or maybe there can be done something by writing some lines of script.

As mentioned in the linked post, I'd like to color tabs which have specific locations open by path-pattern.

Image you have a git repo named "myprojectv3", then you have deployment folder for this and other projects like "..\deployments\myprojectv3" and then you have an eclipse workspace ".\workspaces\myprojectv3" etc.. You get the point I guess, I could go on with even more "myprojectv3" folders (a home folder for the actual application or the test-automation outputs/results e.g.).

I already use a script to add path-information to the tab name, but this is not enough, I would like to color tabs which have git-repos opened to have the blue marker, the deployment locations to have the red marker, the test outputs to be yellow etc. For some time now I keep klicking around in the open tabs for "projectv3" to find the one with the repo/workspace/deployment etc., since the tab labels all just show "D:\..\myprojectv3" or something, they are indistinguishable that way.

Thank you! o)

Looking at the tabs bar, it seems the tab-icons would be something that could indicate specific locations as well, maybe these can be overriden by script or some other trick for specific locations?

The script could change the tab color just like it changes the label.

Ah yes, GO TABCOLOR, this must be new! o)
What about the icon?

So nothing for the icon. o) Well, will test drive Go TABCOLOR then, thank you! o)

There's no way for scripts to change folder tab icons.

Thanks for confirming, no problem! o)

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