Coloured folder tabs show in Safe Mode, not Admin

Hi, I tried to set the selected (current) folder tab colour, but found no change in Admin mode.

To my surprise, when I happened to run in Safe Mode, the colour I had selected appeared. :unamused:

(Preferences, Colors & Fonts, Folder Tabs, Selected Background)

Could you suggest what might cause this, please? (

Thanks dal987

You have to disable visual styles for the tabs in order for custom colors to work:

Thanks Jon, that worked. Certainly not obvious. I had been beginning to wonder if there was some program adversely affected DOPUS, but that seemed less likely here.

Have an informative prompt:
'If you wish to appy a background tab colour, Visual Styles (explanation) will be disabled. Do you wish to proceed?'

rather than relying on the user to know two not obviously related options must be changed.

Yes we've thought that before (I think Leo actually suggested moving the 'Use visual styles' option to the Display / Colors & Fonts page for Folder Tabs.)

I'll bump it up the list :slight_smile: