Column Right-Click Context Menu

When right-clicking on the column headers, this menu opens showing available columns:


Three related questions:

  1. Why are "Age (Modified)" and "Age (Created)" disabled?
  2. How can a user change the Column menu sort order?
  3. How can a user move scripted columns into another applicable group (ie Date and Time)?

Thanks in advance!

Use Customize on the Settings menu (or right-click an empty area of a menu bar or toolbar and choose Customize). In the Customize dialog, switch to the Context Menus tab and click the Lister Column Header checkbox and play around with it to your heart's content. :slight_smile:


thanks for the response! That actually helped me resolve question 1 and part of question 2.

In Customize mode, clicking on Columns shows a single entry called Columns, whose command is:

 Set COLUMNSTOGGLE=columnlist

I'm really interested in breaking down "columnlist" without having to totally rebuild the Lister Column Header menu, but that may not be possible.

In the interim, I got mostly what I needed.

Thanks again!