Column sort-arrows, 1 flaw, 1 anomaly

hi folks,
a) when a
set SORTREVERSE=ToggleSmart
command is done, the column sort-indicator arrows don't reverse
b) sometimes those arrows are red; what does this indicate ?

Thx, Brian

If you're sorting by multiple columns, there's an extra arrow on the left of the header which can be used to reverse the overall direction. That's probably the only arrow that'll change when you run the command.

It means some of the data you are sorting by is still being calcualted.

Thx Leo,
I noticed that when the extra arrow is clicked, it toggles to indicate
the changed sort order,
but when the command
____ set SORTREVERSE=ToggleSmart
is used, it does not, and presumably, it should ?

Haven't had a chance to look in detail, but I see what you mean. I've made a note to look at making the command work in that situation.