Column Target empty if Path Length > 259

The Column Target will be displayed as empty, if the Path Length is greater than 259.

We'll add a workaround in the next beta. (It's really a Windows issue with IShellLink/IPersistFile not working with long paths unless they're prefixed for some reason.)

Was this meant to be addressed by this in 12.25.1?

Added workarounds for handling shortcut files under very long paths.

I didn't see any changes for .url files. No big deal, it's more of a cosmetic issue than a real problem.

I think the change was for shortcuts (.lnk). Will have a look at .url.

Workaround coming for .url files, which needed a different change.

At least in Windows 10, CLSID_InternetShortcut doesn't work on very long paths even with the \\?\ prefix, unlike CLSID_ShellLink which works provided the prefix is added.

(While the description/target columns will work, .url files under very long paths will still have generic which file icons, the same as in File Explorer, as that's an OS limitation that is harder to work around.)

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Don't spend too much time on it... there are things more fun than cleaning up after Windows :slight_smile:

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