Column to Show File Version

Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere. I have not been able to find it.
I would like to add a column to some of my DOpus listers to show the version of software which was used to create any given file. It seems that the closest I can get is the currently installed, default software for opening a file ("Type" column/field)
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

See attached image.

Dopus 13 Beta lets you import columns from Windows-Explorer.

Thank you.
I'm not sure how to use that information but I will make an attempt.

You can use PrintMeta to find out which columns are available and what they are called.

Thank you Ixp. Comprehensive answer. It's a bit over my head but I will see if I can learn something.

If the column already exists in File Explorer, and you don't mind using the Opus 13 public beta, then Hardkorn's suggestion is the easiest.

  • Go to Preferences / File Display Columns / Shell Properties (shown in Hardkorn's screenshot).
  • Drag one of the CorelDraw files to the Example file field at the bottom.
  • Turn on Group properties with data to make things easier.

You should see the "18.00" value on one of the lines. Just turn on that line and click OK, and that column will then be available in Opus, under the Shell category.

Thanks Leo, that appears to be a suitable solution for me. I will try it.

Leo's solution worked and it has carried over to the full Opus 13.1 which I have just purchased as an upgrade - but -
I cannot work out how to get the "File Version" column in view when using "Find Files."
"Shell" does not appear in the sub-menu...

Using an ordinary Lister...

Using "Find Files..."


Looks like we need to enable shell columns in collection folders. Not something you can do, but we should be able to do that in an update soon (unless there's a technical reason, but I think we just overlooked this until now).

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