Column_TorrentInfo: (BT Bdecode) parsing torrent file to generate metadata columns

Parsing torrent file to generate metadata columns.Also known as Bdecode.
Torrent v1 and V2 are both supported.
All columns can be sorted.
Customized Grouping for Total Size / File Count / Creation Date.

Name Inside / 内部名称
Total Size / 总大小
File Count / 文件数
Creation Date / 制种日期
Tracker / 追踪器
Created By / 制种软件
Encoding / 编码
Comment / 备注
Publisher / 发布者

To install this script, download the *.js.txt file below and drag it to Settings / Scripts ( or Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts for DO12 ).
After that, right click any listers column header and add the columns from the "script" submenu.





To quickly display these columns, you can create a favorite format "BT torrent",and add torrent info columns like this:

then use this command in a button:
Set FORMAT "BT torrent"


To customize the info tip for .torrent file, open Settings / File Types, and create a new file type group:

Info tip definition:
内部名称: {scp:Torrent Info/MetaName}
制种日期: {scp:Torrent Info/CreationDate}
Tracker: {scp:Torrent Info/Tracker}
发 布 者: {scp:Torrent Info/Publisher}
总和大小: {scp:Torrent Info/TotalSize}
文件数量: {scp:Torrent Info/FileCount}

文件名称: {name}
文件大小: {sizeauto}
修改时间: {modifieddate} {modifiedtime}
种子备注: <#108206>{scp:Torrent Info/Comment}</#>



Moreover, a menu dcf which contains buttons:
Rename torrent file with the value of [name] inside it.
Copy the value of [name] inside torrent file to clipboard.
Change the file's modification date to the value of [Creation Date] inside it.
Calculate the sum of [Total Size] of selected torrents.
Modify / add [comment] field to torrent file.
Convert torrent to magnet link.
Convert base32 code magnet to base16 (40 digits).
and so on..

Sorry for my poor English...

How to use buttons and scripts from this forum

Decode Torrent(English).dcf (79.2 KB)
Decode Torrent(Chinese).dcf (98.5 KB)

Column_TorrentInfo.js.txt (26.5 KB)


added English dcf