Combination of renaming and move in one process

I don't know if this is capable with a plugin or script, and don't have the know-how to do that even if it was, but what I'm looking to do is basically combine the Convert Box used for photos with the Rename tool. I often copy in images from multiple sources that have different naming schemes and file formats in batch mode. I then turn around and rename them with a creation date/time prefix so that, no matter the source, original file format, or original file name, it all sorts nicely. I do all this with Directory Opus in multiple steps. Is there any way to combine this into a single batch process?
The convert box does almost all of it already, but it would be nice if you could add a prefix option as well as the size suffix and allow a move to the target folder using just the selected prefix and size suffix as a full rename of the file. That way the moved image could go from something like c:/IMG_3245.jpg to d:/2001-01-19_21-39-45.jpg or even d:/2001-01-19_21-39-45_1024x768.jpg. It would combine the current copy & delete (since the iPhone doesn't like a "move"), convert to .JPG (if it isn't already), and rename the file process into one step. Make sense? Is it possible in the current version of Directory Opus, or is this something better as a feature request for a new version?

I think this command will do what you want, if I've understood your description correctly:

Rename FILEINFO PATTERN="*" TO="{modified|D#YYYY-MM-dd}_{modified|T#HH-mm-ss}_{picwidth}_{picheight}.{ext}" Image TO={destpath$} CONVERT=jpg Delete

I used to be a programmer and understand enough coding in other languages to see that is exactly what I am looking for. But how do I incorporate that into DO? Is there any way to create a button on my toolbar to launch that or add it into the right-click context menu? DO is so powerful and has a lot under the hood, but I'm not a trained mechanic. :slight_smile:

I'm not a big expert on this either, but I think you can click Tools in the menu, then Customize in the sub-menu.

When the Customize - Directory Opus window has appeared, right-click an empty area in a toolbar and select New -> New Button. After the new button appears on the toolbar, (with the Customize Directory Opus window still open) double-click the new button, then click Advanced.

In the Command Editor - Directory Opus window, enter something meaningful in the Label field, then copy the code previously shown here into the area at the bottom. Click OK a couple of times to close the customization windows.

Alternatively, instead of creating a toolbar button, you could create a context menu entry as follows:

Settings -> File Types

Select All files, or possibly Recognized images.

Click Edit.

Click the Context Menu tab.

Click New.

From here, it will be obvious how to proceed, I think/hope.

Thanks, guys. The online manual talks about clicking on the advanced button, but doesn't really tell you where to find it. LOL Took me a while, but I found it and added the code to a new button. It works great from computer folder to computer folder or from memory card to hard drive, but doesn't seem to do anything at all when selecting photos on my iPhone. I believe it is because the iPhone file is protected so that I cannot rename files residing on it. Is there any way to rename it as part of the copy/move instead of renaming it and then doing a copy? I've tried adding {destpath$} to the rename, but that isn't working. I've tried different combinations of Copy with MOVE and AS and just can't seem to get it to work.

Also, is there any way though to have it not pop up the confirmation that you want to delete the files?

Finally, and I really appreciate your time on this, if I executed this code in a single lister format, where is it going to send my files? Does it go to my last previous location?

Watch the video Jon linked if you haven't already. It'll show you a lot in a short space of time.

Probably nothing Opus can do about that, although I don't have an iPhone to confirm. Apple's devices do seem to avoid simply giving a real directory view of the device, sadly.

You may have to move the files off the phone and then organise them, I guess.

You can rename while copying/moving, but not if you want to include details like the file date and image dimensions in the name, since only the rename command can do that. (Well, you could do it using a rename script, but the complexity of writing it doesn't seem worthwhile just to avoid clicking two buttons instead of one. There's info on scripting in the rename scripting area if you want to look into it, though.)

Add the QUIET argument to the Delete command. See the Opus Raw Commands section near the back of the manual for a list of the arguments and what they do.

If no other windows are open then you'll be prompted for a destination.

Note that if you have two single-file-display windows open, the other one of those windows will (usually) be the destination. There's another video tutorial which explains the source/destination concept and how it relates to single and dual-display windows.

I've divided the process into two buttons, and surprisingly it is the rename part is the one that works, even though it is more complex, and the simple Copy/Delete button is not. The only commands are "Copy" and "Delete" with no parameters. I've also tried it with "Image TO={destpath$} CONVERT=jpg" followed by "Delete QUIET" and that doesn't work either. Yet the normal copy button in the toolbar does a copy fine. I'm pulling my hair out here! LOL