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Combine custom name with ASK in Clipboard PASTE AS


Hi Devs!

I'd like to paste current clipboard content with a default prefix.
So whenever I paste an image or text from clipboard I'd like DO to ask me the name, with the current datestamp pre-filled in the ASK dialog.

I cannot use this:
Clipboard PASTE USESEL AS="{date|yyyy_MM}_"
since it does not open the dialog - and i can't use this either:

Clipboard PASTE USESEL AS=ask
since it does not use the "{date|yyyy_MM}_" placeholder and comes up with the default "Clipboard Image" name instead.

Is there any way to combine these? Just like it's possible now with the CreateFolder dialog?

Thank you! o)


In the next beta you'll be able to use Clipboard PASTE USESEL AS=ask:{date|yyyy_MM}_ to specify a default name but still display the ask dialog.


Beautiful, thank you! o))