Combine styles & tab groups possible?

I just found that when I use styles, I very often find myself adding the same tabs over and over again and I wonder if it is possible to add tab groups (which I use a lot in my default setting) to an existing style?
If not, I would like to suggest such a feature if possible. For people like me who use many tabs, the groups are a great way to organize daily tasks. Being able to quickly assign several tabs as groups to a style would be top-notch :slight_smile:

Do you just want to copy the tabs from a group to a style (that's easy enough: activate the style, activate the tab-group, then save over the style), or do you want to set up a link between the two so that changing one automatically updates the other (that isn't possible at the moment, at least not literally like that)?

How come you want to use both Styles and Tab Groups to load the same set of tabs? Styles don't have to change the tabs at all, so you can keep the two things separate, and you can also make buttons which apply a style and load a tab-group to combine the two things.

Maybe my advance was a little unusual...but when I set up styles I always think of the groups of tabs I might need with this style (thumbnail set up for picture backup for example). But I can only add folders one by one in a style - that was what I meant :slight_smile:

But using your first suggestion is a nice workaround.

Oh and I am very interested in the button solution: I was not aware you could also load tab groups via buttons! (sometimes I am working single handedly...the know sigh :wink: )

If you always want to load both the style and the tabs (never just one without the other) then it's easier to add all the tabs to the style and not use a tab group at all.

You can add tags to styles just as easily as adding them to tab groups, so the only reason to worry about tab groups is if you sometimes want to load the tabs on their own without changing anything else.

...but if you do still want the button (sorry, I forgot to explain the command in my post just above), have a look at the Go TABGROUPLOAD command/argument, and the other TAB* arguments that go with it: ... ts/Go1.htm

Thanks so much, this helps a great deal! I will use that command in a button :slight_smile: