Comic Book CBx-To-CBx Convert & Resize v1.50


Thanks for your help! I tried it and got a different error now:

Error at line 402, position 3
Variable is undefined: 'nHeight' (0x800a01f4)

Try this:

CBx to CBx 1.5.2-fixed.dcf (57.2 KB)

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You're fast! Thank you so much, that worked and the tool did an awesome job! :smiley:

You guys rock!

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One more question... is there a part of the script or the UI where I can set the default resize option to the ipad air 1536 x 2048, as opposed to the android table that it defaults to?

Thanks again

I think if you edit this highlighted line: can change the 1 at the end of the line to the number of option/line you want to be selected initially in the list of resolutions when the dialog opens.


Ha! you were right! I had previously tried changing the two lines that followed it and when that didn't work, I just asked here.

Thanks again!


No problem. I think those lines change the values in the edit controls to the right of the list, which are probably only used when the "custom" option at the bottom of the list is selected. (I only had a quick look at the script, so this may be wrong.)

It's been awhile since I made this, but I think if you set this value to 20 it should stick. No additional setting needs to be set. I remember that I was playing around with global configuration settings, but can't remember what has happened with that in the end. :slight_smile:

Forgot to reply that yes, 20 was the one I needed. Thank you all for your help, this button/scripts works wonderfully, I've saved a ton of space and they still look great. Props!

so anyone have anyway in this script to set the default to not resize just convert? I tried adding the line

dlgO.Control('chkDoNotResize').Value = 1

after the resize settings block. The button will run but it doesn't recompress the file. Without that line and clicking things manually it works fine.

I haven't tested it, but changing/adding the last two lines here might do it:

'Set defaults
'Resolution: 800×1280
 dlgO.Control("lstResolution").Value = 1
 lngNewHeight = 1280
 lngNewWidth  = 800
 strResizeMode = "Do Not Resize" ' CHANGED -- Was "Auto"
 dlgO.Control("chkDoNotResize").Value = 1 ' ADDED

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