Command: Add cover art to selection

I create these commands to add one or more cover art to selected mp3 by button/hotkey.

Command AddJpgFromClipboardToMp3:

  • This command add jpg from clipboard to selected mp3.
  • You have jpg files to the clipboard. You select files and run command to add jpg to selected mp3.

Command AddJpgFromSelectionToMp3:

  • This command add jpg from selection to selected mp3.
  • You select jpg and mp3 files and run command to add selected jpg to selected mp3.


Command_AddJpgFromSelectionToMp3.vbs.txt (2.4 KB)
Command_AddJpgFromClipboardToMp3.vbs.txt (2.59 KB)

Download either script (or both), then drag it to the list under Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts. You will then have two new commands which can be used in the button editor.


Thank you so much for sharing your script with us.