Command: ClipboardEx (clipboard related functions)

You don't like my frenglish ?? lol
ok give me an extra ball and let me shoot again :
I would like ClipboardEx to be able to copy/move to directories, pointed with soft links, hard links and junctions.
please, have a look to ... ctions.htm
The english in the manual is much better lol

Ok, well I expect it to work with links and junctions, please try. o)

@tbone I tried with soft links.. And it worked with the PASTETOFOLDERS switch.
(I used PASTETOCONTAINERS before and it didn't work but it was stupid :slight_smile: ).
Thank you very much for everything...

When I use PASTETOFOLDERS, I have some duplicate files, I want to automatically ignore these duplicate files, can add a ignore duplicate file Button? Thanks!

Please give a a more detailed explanation of what you are trying/seeing. Thx!

When I use PASTETOFOLDERS, I have some duplicate files to paste, I want to automatically ignore these duplicate files. This plugin may be able to add a button options.In the jpg under the two buttons , add a options"automatically remove duplicate files", rather than each time click skip this file.

So you paste some files into some folders and somewhere in those folders there already is a file with the same name?
Is that correct? Are the folders you are pasting to DO file collections?

Yes,you are right.

Please download v0.3.8 and append " PT=WHENEXISTS=skip" to the command you are already using, the dialog should no longer appear.

Ok, thank you for your plug-in, you are great!

Updated to v0.3.8:

  • new option "PT" to pass through parameters to internally used DO commands

Like in jhrs110s case, you can use "PT" to pass options like "WHENEXISTS=skip" through to the native DO commands.
Make sure this option always goes last in your command line, since it is a raw parameter.

The following command..

ClipboardEx PASTETOFOLDERS PT=WHENEXISTS=replace..will end up in severals calls to

Copy TO=<folder-chosen-by-clipboardex> WHENEXISTS=replace and thereby prevent the various "File already exists" dialogs.

What commands are used internally depends. At least for all the PASTETO/FROM.. options it is Copy right now. Things might change, if in doubt read the script or ask! o) The new "PT" option is a quick way to increase versatility without adding two dozens more switches to ClipboardEx itself. Thanks for your interest. o)

guess v0.8.3 = v.0.3.8 :smiley:
Keep up the good work!


Updated to v0.3.9:

  • version string correction

Thank you, it's even worse. The internal version was still at 0.3.7 which is now fixed as well. o)

Thanks! :thumbsup:

Thank you for this great script, but I'm having trouble understanding how to make the PASTETOFOLDERS work.

This is what I've got:

ClipboardEx PASTETOFOLDERS "D:\Games\Farlands Awaits - Again\mods" ; "\\Rebekka-pc\c\Users\Rebekka\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\The Farlands Await (1)\mods" ; "C:\Users\c0d3n4m3\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\The Farlands Await (1)\mods"

And with that I just get an error "CLEAR.exists is null or not an object".

Basically, I don't know what I need to write for it to work. Please help a newb!

Thank you!

Please try this:

ClipboardEx PASTETOFOLDERS FOLDERS="D:\Games\Farlands Awaits - Again\mods;\\Rebekka-pc\c\Users\Rebekka\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\The Farlands Await (1)\mods;C:\Users\c0d3n4m3\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\The Farlands Await (1)\mods"

You are amazing, thank you so much. It works perfectly! I've been copy pasting into three tabs for months now, and this will save me loads of time!

Thank you, thank you and thank you again! Many times! Massive kudos to you!

Updated to v0.4:

  • added COPYTIMESTAMPS (< all >,created,modified) feature (optional FROM/TO for cmdline usage)
  • added PASTETIMESTAMPS (< all >,created,modified) feature (optional TO for cmdline usage)
  • XLog updated to v0.45

As mentioned in the introduction, code for the new timestamp functionality is from @Leo.
I rewrote most of your ClipAttr script addin to be able to merge its functionality into this one and to additionally support (multiple) items passed on the command line. You can also choose whether to copy only creation or modified dates and finally there is a command to copy timestamps in one single line/call.


I have a sporadic work-task of copying template files to 600+ file folders on a semi-annual basis and this has made the task go from being a major time-sink to a trivial affair.

THANK YOU!! (And all my affected users thank you too!! :slight_smile: )

How create empty folder with ClipboardEx PASTEEMPTY this button?
Hi dear tbone
your script is so useful for me, thank you so much.
I want to copy multiple Selected Folder name Then Use This Button ClipboardEx PASTEEMPTY for Creating empty folders but problem is the trailing "\" when I use This button Clipboard COPYNAMES=nopaths This button copy only the folder name, So how to add or copy the name with the trailing "\" so then I can create empty folder with ClipboardEx PASTEEMPTY this button?