Command line start dopus with specified settings

I have the below 5 settings.

  1. Create buttons/toolbars in the dopus window
    Above in menu >>>> Settings >> toolbars >> toolbar sets
    saved toolbar set: 'music_tb'

  2. Folder column setup (display, filters,...)
    Above dropdown button 'Folder' >>>> Folder options...
    saved favourite: 'music_fo'

  3. Set your layout (dual pane, single pane,...)
    Above in menu >>>> Lister layouts >> edit layout >>
    saved layout: music_la

  4. Set the TITLE of the dopus window
    Above in menu >>>> Settings >> preferences >> Display >> Options >> custom title
    set title to '@MUSIC@'

  5. Set the directory to: 'd:\music'

I want to start dopus through command line with the above 5 settings:

  • saved toolbarset: music_tb
  • saved folder format: music_fo
  • saved layout: music_la
  • set title to: @music@
  • set directory to: d:\music

Is this possible?

(I searched in the dopus help on "command line" (with and without space), but there where nu results that matched that keyword)

I forgot to mention that if I would start through command line with 5 settings mentioned above, I would like it not to "interfere" withe the other other currently opened dopus windows.
What I mean is, that I created a clean shortcut from the dopus.exe to my desktop.
If I run that shortcut, dopus has the settings I set as default, one of them being: show full path in dopus window.
If I would run dopus from another shortcut that has the 5 settings mentioned above, I would like it not to interfere with the sessions started from the "clean" shortcut. So the other sessions always show the full path in the dopus title window and not suddenly "@music@".
It's difficult for me to explain it properly, but I hope you reading this can make sense of it.
If it's all technically possible off course.

(I am running a portable version of the latest dopus).

If you set up a lister with those details, then use Settings > Lister Layouts > Save This Lister and use the appropriate checkboxes (see below), you'll have a layout that will re-create that lister whenever you want.

On a non-portable install, you could then go to Preferences / Layouts and Styles / Layouts and use the option there to create a desktop shortcut for the layout. I'm not sure if that will work with a portable install, since it would normally require registry settings to be installed, which the portable version tends to avoid.

Instead, you can make a shortcut which runs this command to open the layout, assuming the layout name is My Layout and Opus has been exported to the X:\ drive:

"X:\DOPUS\dopusrt.exe" /acmd Prefs LAYOUT="My Layout"