Command: ScriptWizard (multipurpose scripting resources aid)

The links for v0.5.9 and v0.5.8 are pointing to the same link for v0.5.8. The link at the bottom of the post is pointing to v0.5.9 so I was able to update to the latest version.

Thanks, I fixed the link messup.
Probably caused by the forum update or Leos edits while cleaning up some things manually afterwards.

Is there (still) no way to administer/edit/remove attachments in the scripting area?
No offense, just asking because I wasn't able to figure out how and where. Thx! o)

You should be able to make any edits you want now (to your own posts, of course).

But there may be something I've overlooked, since I've only tested the things I can think of from a non-admin account. What are you trying to do that the forum is blocking?

I was expecting something like the phpBB attachments panel to also edit some meta information for each. Looking again, it seems once you uploaded a file, the result is a plain link you can move around in your post without further information attached to it. So how to rename or delete an attachment e.g.?

To rename an attachment you'd have to download it, remove the link to the old one from the post, then re-attach it using a new name. There's no way to rename attachments in-place that I know of.

For adding attachments, note that you can just drag & drop them on the post editor. It's also worth noting that the URLs will look like random numbers, but when someone clicks them the files get their proper names.

Yep, ok. Thank you.

By the way, if you're thinking of parsing forum posts, the new forum lets you add .json to the url to get a raw version of the post, which is probably a lot easier to parse, and will also be generated faster.

e.g. This thread in json format.

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I was wondering what's the current status of the ScriptWizard? Does it still work and does anyone use it?

If it still works and is compatible with all the changes over the years (including the forum software), I (or tbone) should probably make a poll post in the Off Topic to see how many people still use it (or know about it).

The reason I'm asking is because I'd like to clean up some of my old Add-Ins (when I find the time) and I was wondering should I also change something with the ScriptWizard support in some of them that have it.

I can't really tell if it still works. I think so. o)

The thing is, Win7 (what I still use everywhere, even at work) had a recent change in regards to how certificates are handled, something changed with the supported TLS/SSL versions in the scripting API if I got that correct.

Right now SW is unable to reach out to the DO forum and scrape through the threads to find outdated/updated scripts. On Windows7 at least, I'm not sure there is fix out there, I tried a KB patch from MS, that changed things a bit, but unfortunately still not successful. I did not find the time to test with a Win10 installation yet.

The version from the split-thread Script wizard (split discussion) should work. The SW script columns should still do very nicely with any version, they do here:

Yup, on Windows 10 too, but I thought it was just my firewall acting up.

You really did invest an incredible amount of work in the ScriptWizard! :+1:

So it's the same with Win10? Interesting, I think there must be a way around this. I cannot imagine that Microsoft cuts off its COM scripting from accessing any secure website. I am hoping to find some time to dive into this again. You name it, much work went into this and I think it's still a useful addition, so I really don't want this to fade away. Thank you for keeping an eye on the status! o)

Many thanks for that script @tbone .
But i ran into an issue. My script has resources attachted to it (it is a dialog). Those resources are attached at the end of the file after ==SCRIPT RESOURCES, have a look here Script Resources Doc. In general I would agree that it is a good idea to append the OnAboutScript() function at the end of the script. But in the case that the script has resources attached to it, the OnAboutScript() function is no longer callable (cannot open About in Settings) because

Everything before the line ==SCRIPT RESOURCES is considered part of the script code, and everything after it is the XML-formatted resources.

So in the case that the Script Resources Tag is found, the OnAboutScript() function must be appended before the resources tag and not at the end of file.

Thanks for reporting, and yes, that's what happens if you add "garbage" to scripts with proper syntax. o)

Maybe the devs can work on this and use language specific line-comments to wrap the resource data in future versions. This seems the only sensible approach to this, as you have a lot of other issues with how it is right now (no way to run/parse the files directly in windows scripting host (cscript.exe e.g.) or external editors screwing up because of the bad syntax etc.).
I might look into this, but it would be better if DO would not destroy proper syntax in the first place with inline resource data.

It would be better not to make assumptions about Opus's script file formats that were never guaranteed or agreed anywhere. :slight_smile:

Is ScriptWizard still needed these days? I think the update checking has been broken since the forum change almost 4 years ago. A list of scripts and version numbers, as well as anything that would be shown in a typical About dialog, is automatically shown in Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts these days without needing any extra script code. Is the added complexity and code that has to be parsed/run in every script still worth the other benefits?

Not sure. Stumbled upon Scriptwizard while coding and it sounded useful, was not aware that it was outdated / replaced by internal functionality.

It's still useful for auto-updating, preparing scripts for upload or querying version-information directly into columns. The update/sync mechanism could be in better shape that's true.
In the "SW in progress" thread somewhere above, is a more recent version, the forum update is not why SW got problems, it's rather some https/ssl version thing in windows. I fixed it with a KB-package for my older Win7 setups iirc, not sure how Win10 does yet. See my post from april some posts above, the "Modified" column alone is worth having.

I informed about negative aspects of adding "==SCRIPT RESOURCES" into scripts at the time this feature was born (the post is malformed due to forum update): DO12 - dialog resources

Jon helped out and added support for external resources, which helps regarding broken syntax coloring and failing code formatters in external editors (which is what you use if you edit enhanced scripts). Inline resources still seem very useful, it's unfortunate they ended like that! o)

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We still need a built-in mechanism to check if newer version is available at least.

We've thought about a script update mechanism but it doesn't seem worth the time vs other work we could do.

Most scripts don't actually get updated that often, and most updates aren't so important that it's a big deal if people don't find them until they have a reason to look. People can subscribe to their forum threads to be notified when there is an update, too.

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The Script Wizard auto-update seems to be going wrong on Windows 11, showing a progress dialog at startup and never completing:

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