Command syntax

I have been trying to understand how to link RecentX and Dopus.
I looked at the threads and the reference manual.
I found this:
"H:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /CMD Copy FILE (filepath$) MAKELINK=shortcut to /Recent

Now this is supposed to to put recently accessed files and folders into /Recent.
What exactly is /Recent anyway? Where do I find this in the ref manual?
I found MAKELINK in the ref manual but the syntax above seems different than the ref manual. Has it been changed?
Is $filepath a built in alias for the clicked file and/or folder?

So my understanding so far is that the /CMD allows up to pass the parameters that follow to Dpous?
Copy FILE (filepath$) takes the path of the double clicked file or folder and then MAKELINK=shortcut does what with that?

/Recent I have asked about already.

Is there a better doc to read to learn about this?
Regards and thanks


You will find /recent and other useful folder aliases described In the Help (F1) file under Opus Raw Commands - Go.

Regards, AB