Command to open Tab Groups editor (prefs)

Hard to explain this without the explanation becoming a mouthful.

There are commands to save new and overwriting current tab groups. I'm looking for a command to open the edit screen for tab groups (as seen in prefs). The use case for such command is that I have a button set for tab groups (see screenshot) and the crux is that "Edit" is not consistently available since it requires more than one tab to be open in a file list, allowing right-clicking the tab and select "Tab Groups > Edit". And I don't want tab labels to be shown when there's only one tab in a file list.

A simple TABGROUPSEDIT would be great. Is there already a way to enter desired screen by some command trickery?

You can open any Preferences page using the Prefs command:

Prefs PAGE=tabgroups

The Edit option should always be there, assuming the tab bar is there to click on. (If you have configured the tab bar to hide when only one tab is open, then the whole menu will be inaccessible, of course.)