Commands to copy selected filenames to the clipboard, with files & folder sizes

Hi there,

I've read the FAQ at Commands to copy selected filenames to the clipboard but I was not able to find how I can copy the names and/or paths of selected items to the clipboard, including the items size retrieved with the GetSizes command.
I mean, the file & folder sizes are displayed in the lister after I used GetSizes, but they are not exported to the clipboard when I click Copy Other -> Complete Folder Listing

Is it a bug or the normal behaviour ? How can I achieve what I what to do ?

Thank you.


Use Tools > Print / Export Folder Listing, and make sure Calculate sub-folder sizes is checked near the top.

You can also add CALCSIZES=yes to the command that the Complete Folder Listing menu item runs, if you want it to do that all the time when you use that menu item.

thanks Leo ! It's exactly what I needed.