Comments Field for Adobe PDF works in Explorer but Not Opus


I am trying to work through the following bug and hope it's just me and not Opus.

When I enter comments or keywords under properties for my pdf files and then set that field to be seen on the lister--the comments or the keywords do not show up.

They do show up on the Opus lister when I enter the comments (under properties dialogu box) for a Word document.

Also what is interesting is that when I switch to Explorer--the comments and keywords, etc. do show up for PDF Adobe documents.

Is this a limitation with Opus? Or perhaps I'm not setting something correctly?

(I am not using the description column for short comments because they won't transfer if I copy my files back and forth between drives, which I do a lot).

Thank you.


I think the comments column only applies to Office documents.

Hi Steve,
In Windows Explorer the comments (and the other fields) columns are active for Adobe PDF as well as office documents.

I can't replicate this with Opus.
I don't know if it is a setting issue (that is I need to do some further unknown step) or if it is a limitation with Opus.

I'll fiddle with it more today. . .

Thank you.


Ok, I should have been more specific. :slight_smile:

I think the comments column in DOpus only applies to Office documents.

Unfortunately, you are correct.

I did a bit of looking into this losing comments and or descriptions.
This is what I found by trying out various copying scenarios:

If the comment is attached to a word document--then the document summary information seems to be permanently preserved (whether the file is copied back and forth onto various drives).

If the comment field (in Windows Explorer) or the description field column (in "Dopus") is attached to a PDF Adobe file--then it disappears.
(Sometimes it doesn't--but then it will on the next copying action :frowning:

I was going to do an end round with the comments columns for my copious pdf files--and just switch to Explorer and then back to Dopus.

But as you explained in much fewer words--it doesn't work.

As a writer with lots of text files --I love this whole notion of being able to make writer's process comments directly into the lister.

I know all the programs have limits and are still in development. I'll just take what I can.


Explorer doesn't support PDF comments or other metadata at all as far as I know.

Opus is supposed to but it seems that in some cases it doesn't work reliably - this will definitely be improved in the future.