Comments on music handling and picture viewer

first of all congratulations to the developers on this intelligent piece of kick-ass (Microsoft's,that is) software they are developing.Here are some suggestions for future versions.
First,in content type view the program is only reading and displaying mp3 and wma tags.If this fuction is to be complete, it should also work with m4a,ogg and mpc files (don't tell me you only know and use mp3s and wma, come on!).The same goes for the detailed hint with file and tag information that pops up when you place the mouse cursor over a music file.Also something else about the detailed hint,the "encoded by" and "audio codec" fields I added into the InfoTip do not show the actual encoder of the mp3/wma file e.g.Lame 3.90,Fhg,Blade,Windows Media etc.This must be changed.
Last but not least, it would be convenient if there was a quick delete button among the other buttons on the image viewer.
That's all I've got for now.Keep up the good work and thanks for listening.

Just press delete on the keyboard.

Unless you're using a very old version, Ogg (and FLAC) music file tags should be supported via the ogg.dll plugin that I wrote and which comes with Opus. If it isn't working let me know.

Someone would have to write a plugin to add support to M4A and MPC.

I think that those fields come from the music file tags so if the encoders haven't written into those fields, or the tags have been "cleaned" or whatever, then the data isn't avaialble. Can you see data in the "Encoded By" field when using another program, e.g. The Godfather?

Thanks for the information.Yeah your plugin works fine.I had only checked for acc and mpc files.
You are right again.It seems that the encoder information is not saved in the actual metatags because in Godgather program's properties window of an mp3 the "Encoder" field in the ID3v2 is empty and the encoder is only shown in the analysis of the MPEG.I'm used to using the Audioshell plugin from that indicates the used encoder in the "Encoder" field for all my music files.I just hope Dopus could also do that.
Another inconvenience I noticed is that the shift button for changing from "copy" to "move" a file by drag&drop does not work upon the actual tabs or shortcuts (excluding the folder tree).

You should still be able to use the Audioshell plugin, assuming it's an Explorer shell extension. Its columns will appear under the Special category of columns in Opus.

Hi Leo,

Is your Ogg plugin supposed to display the tags when hovering the mouse over an Ogg file too? I'm asking because it works for MP3 files but it never did for Ogg ones, despite the Ogg plugin being enabled.

WinXP SP2 + DOpus Unicode.

Go to the Opus filetype editor and make sure the Ogg filetype is in the Music filetype group.

By default the music tags in the tooltip are defined by the Music filetype group.

Great. I added flac and ogg extensions to the Music group, now the tags are displayed properly in the tooltips.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: