Common alias

Before sending report, i need to know...
I type / key to show FAYT, if i type « com », i can choose “common” alias. But this alias do nothing and is not display in preferences alist list.
And you ?

On Vista /common takes me to C:\Users\Public

On Win2k/XP I'd expect it to take you to "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users" but I haven't checked.

on both pc, /common alias do nothing... and nothing in manual too...

I did some digging and the /common alias only works on Vista. On previous versions of Windows there is no API to get to the folder (only to subfolders of it, which may not really be subfolders if they have been moved).

In other words, only in Vista is the directory above /commondesktopdir etc. itself a special "known" directory. Prior to Vista it's just a normal directory which, by default, holds a bunch of special "known" directories but isn't one itself.