Compare folders - show differences - ignore file names

Would like to compare two folders, based on MD-checksum only and have only the differences displayed.

I have two folders with mostly identical files. However, the file names are different (renamed), size, date time stamp etc. are the same.
I do not want to see all the files that are the same (almost all are the same), but -only- those that are available in one folder but missing in the other one, v.s.

Not sure how to do this (if possible).

Appreciate advice.


You could use the CompareEx script addin.
Find it here (in the german DO support forum):

Thanks. I am not entirely sure how it should work. Added it to the Opus toolbar, then opened two folders side-by-side and called on CompareEx.

Am sure I am doing something wrong somewhere but don't know what.

Pls pay attention to the first line in the "Installation:" section in the link or look up how to install script addins.