Complete path in title bar and manual column width in lister

I have two issues:
First I would like to have the complete path of the active directory in the
title bar (sometimes there is not enough space in the individual lister panes
for the complete path). How can I do that?

Second I would like to fix the width of the displayed columns; the settings in
the "Folder Options" suggest that this is possible
but the values are not stored. So one long filename in a list of files with
short filenames will determine the width of the column.

Thanks in advance for help.

[ul][li]Full path in title bars:

[li]Fixed-width columns:

Folder Formats: Quick Guide explains how to save that kind of change as the default.

You may need to turn off the Auto-size columns option on the Display tab in the same dialog.


(PS: Please ask one question per thread.)

Thank you very much!!
It helped.