Completely locked out of Control Panel & DO Preferences


As the title says I have no access to the Windows control Panel or the Dopus Preferences!

I perhaps stupidly installed my old copy of Dopus 9.0 on my new Win 7 64 bit.

Dopus works fine except for the above --

The Preferences Screen shows up on the Taskbar but will not open (in any viewable sense)

All Windows Cpanel try to open in Dopus (I can see dopusrt.exe open and then closein the Process Explorer when I try to start any CPanel applets by any means)

I have tried all the reg files in all the other threads concerning this problem - e.g. [url]Control Panel and DO 10] etc to no avail --

I can't even access the Windows rollback etc or de-install the Dopus to try ver 10...

The exe is not running in compatibilty or elevated.

Does anyone know the registry settings to get the CPanel to open in Explorer or at least disable the Dopus system folders take over?

Thanks in advance

Opus 9.0 is not supported on Windows 7.

See the FAQ for information on how to manually remove Explorer Replacement settings.


After searching most of the evening finally found this post (typically just after I posted sorry) which got me fixed--
[url]How to manually remove Explorer Replacement settings]

the reg file did it -

Thanks again