Component version mismatch: ->

I'm getting a "Component version mismatch" after upgrading from to Instruction is to reinstall, which I've done twice, to no avail (and which is also a major pain in the butt since there's the tedious XP reboot requirement).

I probably should uninstall and reinstall. I may have changed my configuration since my last settings backup. Can I save a copy of the Application Data\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\ folders and copy them over the fresh install to preserve the settings?


You should probably download the latest version from GPSoftware's website - that would be a good starting point.

I downloaded but had the same problems.

In the end I made a copy of preferences folder, uninstalled DO, rebooted, installed to a new folder. The installation was successful, so I quit DO, killed dopusrt.exe, and copied the old preferences over the newly created preferences folder. now appears to be running correctly with my old preferences.

Couple of comments:

  • I am so glad the preferences are not in the WinXP registry. The approach I took would have been so much more complicated (and less likely to succeed) if they had.

  • Although I've been using it since version 7, I had no idea how much I take the power of Dopus for granted and how cumbersome was my computing life without it. Hats off to the guys at GPSoftware for this extraordinary piece of software.

Interesting since v7 never existed...

Just so! Since 2004 then :confused: