Compression of several files with the name of the parent folder?

I would like to know if it is possible to choose some files within a folder and the Opus wizard automatically put the name of the compressed file as the name of the parent folder where the files are located?
he is currently putting the name of the file that was focused on the mouse pointer.


Are you referring to the Archive Context Menu? I don't think this can be changed, but you could use a simple button like this

Copy HERE ARCHIVE CREATEFOLDER="{sourcepath|nopath|noterm}"

The right-click menu should give you the option of using the parent folder name if you select multiple files:

If you want a toolbar button or hotkey which does the same thing without showing any UI, use Lxp's command above.

If you want the same thing, but displaying the Add to Archive dialog, use the CREATEFOLDER argument (like in Lxp's command) on the end of the existing button for that, i.e.:

Copy ADDTOARCHIVE HERE CREATEFOLDER={sourcepath|nopath|noterm}

(Note ADDTOARCHIVE instead of ARCHIVE; the former shows the UI while the latter creates the archive right away.)

this button worked but it always brings me as a zip I would like by default to be "7z" how to do?

Modify button to ARCHIVE=.7z.

For details see!Documents/Copy.htm

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It worked.

I am very grateful for the attention of colleagues.

And again I am surprised by the power of Dir Opus
because he is fantastic.