Concerns The Markers

When I mark a Sample Files writing in red and that
I copy this file to another Computer Or different hard drive the marking is erased it must start again on the other Computer
Let’s imagine 200 different markings
Unless he excites a manip?
Thank you in advance for
the Dominique response

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I think we're talking about Labels.

  • Labels are normally stored in NTFS metadata, and they'll be lost if copied to a filesystem which doesn't support them.

    (Labels are lost when copying to most non-Windows network shares, things like FAT32 USB sticks, as well as most common archive formats.)

    (Labels can also be stored in the Opus configuration file instead of NTFS metadata, but that isn't the default way it works. That kind of label will not move with the file, even if the file is just renamed, and it could not be seen by Opus running on another machine either.)

  • Opus may also need to be configured to copy them (Preferences / File Operations / Copy Attributes / Copy metadata (comments, keywords, etc) -- note that this can slow down copying lots of small files).

  • If custom Labels are involved (not just the built-in / default ones), you may also need to sync a config file to the other PC for the labels to work in Opus on that PC. See Using tags on 2 different users - #4 by Leo for details on that.

If you're still stuck, some questions to work out what's happening:

  • Are you copying the files to a network share? Or via a USB stick or similar?

  • Is the label no longer there when looking at the file from the original PC? Or is the problem when looking at the file from the second PC?

Clear answer the marking is no longer visible on the second PC