Condensing multiple folders to one main named folder

I am attempting to consolidate my music collection of over 50,000 songs to a more manageable size and structure, and by doing so i have given myself a migraine attempting to figure out how to code a button to do the work i am trying to save myself of doing.

my music collection is in this format :

d:\music folder\artist - album title

i want to be able to create a button that i can highlight all of one artist's albums, press a button, and all of the folders will be moved into a new directory, i dont care where, in the plain format of

d:\music folder\artist\album title.

it seems simple enough but yet i cant still figure this damn thing out. please, any assistance would be so greatly appreciated. God bless whoever figures this out!


How do you want Opus to decide on the name of the folder? i.e. The artist name.

If you mean you want to use the music tags, see #11 in Various Simple Rename Scripts. Note that only files containing music tags will be moved by that and any other files, such as jpeg cover art or m3u playlists, will be left where it is.

If you want to select some folders and then have Opus ask you to type the name of the folder to create and move them into then you can do that as well. I'm on my phone so don't have the exact command to hand but say if that is what you want.

i was hoping that it could use the existing names on the folders tthat are in place already. ill give you an example:

Dave Matthews Band - Before These Crowded Streets
Dave Matthews Band - Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King
Dave Matthews Band - Bonus CD's
Dave Matthews Band - Busted Stuff
Dave Matthews Band - Crash
Dave Matthews Band - Everyday
Dave Matthews Band - Listener Supported

is an example of what i have in my album folders. i want to be able to highlight all the dave matthews, press a button, and it places all the albums, as is, no need to rename the existing album folders, into a directory named Dave Matthews. They can remain named as they are i just want them into a parent folder of Dave Matthews. Can this be done oh mighty lords of directory opus? Please help! lol thank you guys for the help.


You can give this a try.

Select your Dave Matthews songs, open the rename dialog, switch it to advanced mode, and configure it exactly like the screen shot below. Make sure there is a space on each side of the dash - so the old name is like this:

(.*) - (.*)

And the new name is like this


Also note that as highlighted, the rename type must be set to Regular expressions.

It should move the selected Dave Matthews songs into a Dave Mathews subfolder, and stripping "Dave Mathews - " from the name of each song as it does.

I just reread your last post and realize you may have been talking about renaming/moving folders with songs inside them. If so, give the above a try anyway and see if it does what you want.

Hey man thank you so much for oyur help. That saved me so much time and energy, and now my music collection is just that much more organized. Love this program! Thanks again!

When my Apple loving friends (who can't BELIEVE that I just LOATHE iTunes) ask me what, then, do I use to organize music -- they always give me a weird look when I tell them "Directory Opus".

This is just more proof you don't need another tool.