Conditional setting in Status bar definition

I'm showing current disk usage with this line:

<#3D9926><b>{dlet} {pu}% used / {pf}% free </b></#>

Now, I'd like to change the color from green to red when the {pu} is below 10%.
How should I change that line in my definition?

Any help will be appreciated.

The free/used space bar graphs have built-in ways to change color at a low/high percentage, but I don't think there is currently a way to do it with the font color of text on the status bar.

Making that kind of thing more flexible is on our to-do list, however.

You probably only have to add If, Then, Else functionality that can be used like this:

if: {{pu} < 20}, {<#A1000E><b>{dlet} {pu}% used / {pf}% free </b></#>}, {<#3D9926><b>{dlet} {pu}% used / {pf}% free </b></#script}