Confirmation before drag and drop?

Sometimes when my fingers rest on the touchpad, before I realise I have already dropped a file somewhere. It happens...

How do I get confirmation on drag and drop?

Ok, I found how to do the confirmation:

You can edit your drag- & drop move command (which is in settings -> file types -> all files & folders -> events) to include the line

@Confirm move items?!|yes|abort


I can't get this to work, can you post a screen shot? i want confirmation before the drag and drop process starts, using current version 12.9
sometimes i fumble and bury something without realizing

Settings > File Types > All files and folders > Events > Drag-and-Drop.

Add a line like this to the top of the commnand:

@Confirm drag and drop?|OK|Cancel

(The other line probably says Copy MOVEWHENSAME for you, as that is the default. The screenshot shows Copy MOVE because I've changed my own config so it always moves and never copies, even on the same disk. You don't have to make the same change. Only the highlighted line matters here.)


Thanks a lot Leo for the quick reply, i almost had it, i had the modifier after instead of before the command
it works now
now i just have to decide how annoying this is going to be :slight_smile:
probably better than the mess i made unknowingly about a year ago, i finally guessed this is what had happened to large project which caused it to apparently disappear

Another option is to disable normal drag & drop entirely, so you have to explicitly hold Ctrl (to copy) or Shift (to move).

There's also the Preferences setting which disables drag & drop into sub-folders, but then you can't do it when you want to (if you ever want to).

I was able to get this drag and drop confirmation function to work for normal folders and files on my drive, however, it does not work within FTP folders (where I could do some serious damage accidentally moving something). How can I get the confirmation when moving files or folders in an FTP folder? I looked at adding a file type group for FTP, but couldn't figure it out and not sure using the system file type (FTP protocol) would work either.

FTP and SFTP are special cases, since most commands intended for local files won't work on them, and I don't think it's possible to override the events for those.

If you're worried about slipping and accidentally dragging things into sub-folders, turning off Preferences / File Displays / Mouse / Allow drag and drop into sub-folders (without a qualifier key held down) can help avoid that.

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