Conflict with Altium Designer adn DOpus

I have a program, Altium Designer (AD), which is a very large complex and expensive thing and i having been having major troubles with AD hanging when doing certain file operations

After many many pleas for help from Altium (I am a beta tester for AD) i kept getting a response that i am the only one having this trouble and that they cannot diagnose the trouble because the debug (crash) logs terminate as if someone had hooked one of their messages so as to prevent finding the root cause

After about 6 months of sleuthing and troubleshooting when there was nothing left to try i finally closed DOpus and the troubles went away !

I do electronic troubleshooting for a living so i realized this was not conclusive and set about to gather more evidence

The trouble is intermittent and depends on certain conditions but i finally found a machine, a moment in time and a set of conditions under which AD would crash EVERY time i tried to open a file using AD

now having closed all other utilities, programs and background programs I kill AD, close DOpus, start AD, open a file, AD works fine !

now close AD, open DOpus, start AD, try to open a file and AD HANGs

i do this over and over until i am satisfied that there is an absolute correlation between DOpus running and AD hanging when trying to open a file
(note that when DOpus is closed i see 2 tasks in Task Man processes, Dopus.exe and DOpusrt.exe - these do not seem to cause the trouble by them themselves, DOpus needs to be open and showing in the Applications tab of Task Man)

OS is XP 32bit sp2 or sp3, doesn't matter

Any ideas about any settings or services i can play with in DOpus ?

So if an Opus window was open before AD was started, AD hangs when it opens a file?

This seems really strange since, as you noted, just closing Opus's windows does not actually exit Opus (unless it's configured to, which isn't the default). I guess it may change what the hooks do but the hooks would still be there.

(Info on the hooks can be found here, in case it helps guess where the problem is happening. There's also a desktop double-click hook, if you have that feature enabled. All hooks are installed using the standard Windows API.)

Do the crash logs indicate which message is being processed when the crash happens? Is it consistently the same message?

Do the crash logs indicate which module (DLL or EXE) the crash occurs in, or give a stack trace?